Partial Repair Method of Conveyor Belt

Issuing time:2019-09-05 16:22

  Local thermal vulcanization; that is to say, conveyor belt hot fluidization needs to be equipped with vulcanizing machine. Local cold bonding, using repair strip (longitudinal crack), cold viscose - T2 composite glue longitudinal filling crack plugging (requiring special rubber gun). The advantages of these two methods are less manpower and material input, better wear resistance and reinforcing performance, shorter recovery time, and the disadvantage of the two methods is that they require high environment and can not be restored to the original conveyor belt surface smoothness requirements.

  Spraying repair technology for conveyor belt. This technology mixes several kinds of liquid materials with special equipment, sprays them to the worn surface of belt under high pressure, and sprays a certain thickness of wear-resistant layer according to need. The curing time is short. It is suitable for local wear of continuous sheets. The effect is good. The disadvantage is that special equipment is needed.


  Improve the conveyor belt hopper. Improving the conveyor belt hopper is one of the effective measures to prevent the early damage of the conveyor belt. Improve the feeding hopper at the conveyor connection of each belt conveyor to increase its ability to pass foreign bodies by 2.5 times. It is not easy for long and large foreign bodies to stick between the funnel wall and the conveyor belt during the conveying process, so as to reduce the probability of foreign bodies tearing the conveyor belt.

  The gap between the guide skirt plate and the conveyor belt becomes larger and larger along the direction of conveyor belt operation at the feeding hopper, which solves the problem that coal and stone are stuck between the conveyor belt and skirt plate, and eliminates the damage of conveyor belt caused by it. Buffer baffle is installed in hopper with large drop to avoid material directly impacting conveyor belt.

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